the cacao that will surprise you

In Umau, we have different origins of cacao

There are 700 own hectares of cacao in our main post-harvest centers that are located in Cimitarra, Santander, Colombia

For this reason, we established a model called “PRODUCTIVE ECOSYSTEMS” where we have our own post-harvest centers and support small producers in different parts of the country by buying them cacao in “baba”. We ferment and dry it with the best methods to produce a fine flavor cacao beans.

In these “Productive Ecosystems” our commitment is to support small producers with technical assistance, encourage excellent manufacturing techniques, optimize production and most importantly, impact the social and environmental surroundings of the communities.

Pod and bean separation

Initiating this exquisite natural delight. It is time to remove the shell and extract the pulp with the cacao beans.


After 6 days, the sugar in the cacao pulp begins to decompose, giving rise to the characteristically aroma and color.


After 5 days in the sun, the acetic acid and bitterness of the cacao is reduced; your senses will begin to identify fine sensations.

The origin of this outstanding cacao plays an important part of its authentic flavor…




There are six soils in Colombia that feed our cacao varieties with the greatest natural wealth, covered with colorful landscapes, extreme vegetation and invaluable water sources.  The influence of its first settlers, left an important legacy about conservation, love for the land and its resources.

That legacy has allowed us to send more than two thousand tons of cacao to many places all over the world every year.

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