From the seed to the tasting experience. The delight for UMAU CACAO is defined by a seed with a distinctive taste that has outstanding details from different origins. Its exquisite taste, aromas and tonalities will give life to your products letting stringent palates be the narrators of the story.

We have successfully gathered everything into a cacao bean that you can enjoy and identify with because we care about the quality, the environment, and the society just like you.

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Opiniones clientes - UMAU Cacao

Bill Guyton, Executive Director FCIA

“I have had the pleasure working with Umau cacao for the past year. As a member of our association, Umau cacao helped us to organize and promote our conferences and build business linkages among fine chocolate companies. Also played a pivotal role with cocoa program development for public-private partnerships in Colombia."

Opiniones clientes - UMAU Cacao

Mariano D'Aguiar, River-Sea Chocolate

“Our experience in trading and transporting fresh and clean cacao (without pollution) is an achievement that our organizations managed to fulfill for a more sustainable way for international trade.”

Opiniones clientes - UMAU Cacao

David Granada, Principal Research Fellow

“Today, I am proud to say that we have a great alliance with our friends from UMAU CACAO. Here we have gathered knowledge about the productive sector through the project CAESCA, along with the association CACAOMA. The department of Cesar is the epicenter of cacao supply and together with UMAU CACAO we are preparing the product so we can show the world the quality of Cesar’s cacao in which the town of Manaure is the central profit of this product. We are using the best methods to maximize this cacao and achieve better prices that develop the economy in this region.”

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