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A green sea, a sea of fauna, flora, people, smiles, stories, and cacao… This is Umau Cacao, where our stories with flavor begin.

During each day our farmers show us that where cacao was grownthere are traces of the laborious hands of the farmers who maintain our fine aromas and authentic flavors; they are the artists who every day put their soul into our crops and make Umau cacao the company we love.

our cacao cultivation offer...

Transformed products:

Cacao liquor, butter, powder and chocolate bars of this origins.

Colombian dry cacao beans from the following origins:

Monteoscuro, Santa Marta, Uraba, Cesar, Norte de Santander.



(Pistachio, cashew nut, orange ripe and sweet lemon)


(Citrus, dried fruits, nuts, caramel and cacao)



(Blackberry, green apple, citrus lemon, nuts, honey and spices)



Frequently asked questions that can help you choose based on your taste buds.

I am new to the cacao market, I do not know which option is better for me, could you help me?

Of course, we will help you make the best choice, you can count on it! We would love to get to know your venture, what motivates you and what do you want to convey.

If you have questions and want to clarify them, send us a message through the form or let’s talk through WhatsApp.

I am aware about the flavor of cacao, but I need to know if the result is what I expect. Could I try it first?

Yes, you can! The most important thing is to guarantee the quality and suitability of the product you have selected.

We are willing to send you a free sample wherever you are.

Send us a message through the form or let’s talk through WhatsApp.

UMAU cacao works directly or with intermediaries?

We can work directly or through our representatives located in different parts of the world. As you wish

How long does it take for my cacao to arrive and by what kind of transportation do you send it?

Times may vary depending on the volume, destination and number of available routes. International transit to the United States and Europe is between 20 to 29 days. Cacao samples may take from 6 to 12 days by air.

Can I get the same flavor once I run out of product?

Of course, we have year-round production of our six varieties. The amount depends on the availability.

How is the packaging service for my varieties in cacao?

 We adjust to your needs by creating a package completely personalized. We take into consideration the post-harvest factors required by the taste of your cacao.

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Register and learn more Umau Cacao by Colombian Cacao Company.